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Anchor Tattoo: The Symbol of Stability and Strength

A Tattoo with a History and Aura

Anchor is a symbol for those who know who they are, where they go, and what they want. It’s a strong symbol for strong personalities, radiating self-confidence and power of will and faith. Its earliest meaning is related to the time when people had been persecuted for being followers of Jesus. They weren’t allowed to openly admire the symbol of Christianity, so they used as a hidden Cross, often decorated with flowers, leaves, butterflies in order to hide the symbolism more successfully. They have been strong and dedicated people. As a symbol related to water, the anchor also represented the miracle of Jesus walking on the water. Thus, except the transcendent, anchor is given a miraculous meaning.

Somewhere around 1500s, with the development of sea traveling, the anchor tattoo had became most popular symbol among sailors, reflecting loyalty to their profession, but showing also a spirit of adventure, travel to unknown and, of course, a good fortune. It is a highly positive symbol.

From today’s perspective, the meaning of anchor is mostly about being stable and strong. Anchors give stability, safety, and grounding, no matter if you’re sailor or not. The symbol demonstrates that you’re in tune with your self and you hold on to the values you believe in. An additional meaning is that it may represent a person who had some difficult times in life, but also a person who was strong enough to overcome them. It also represents always having a safe place and home.

An anchor tattoo has a special meaning for those who travel a lot, and for those who move from their tumultuous past towards a better and stabile future. However, as a highly positive symbol that brings good luck, it could be related to something very important to the person who want an anchor tattoo. The deepness of anchor symbolism offers you a creative freedom to root your self to something or someone. For instance, many anchor tattoos can be seen in combination with roses and lilies depicting love, with names of beloved persons, etc. In short, anything or anyone that gives you a sense of being comfortable and at peace can be combined with this awesome design.

This design is for free people. You are also free to choose the design and size of your anchor tattoo. You just need to find out what is most important to you, and the designer will give you a highly stylized tattoo in combination with the object, goal, or person you want to profoundly connect to, manifesting your power, will, stability of intention, and honest dedication. Anchor your self to something most valuable to you.

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